Rare plants at La Marzelle

After its Grand Cru Classé, La Marzelle’s other star is the Gagea Villosa.
The organic work over many years means that we can now host and protect these rare and delicate plants.

The Gagée des champs (Gagea villosa), is a small, bulbous plant of the genus belonging to the Lily family.
It produces yellow flowers 8 to 15mm tall with six free tepals forming a star.
It is registered on the list of protected plant species across the entire national territory of metropolitan France in Appendix 1 (strictly protected species).
Fewer than 5 stations known in the Gironde with between 50 and 100 vines.

Left: Gagea Villosa - Right: Holosteum Umbellatum

Another rare plant found in the South-West and at La Marzelle is Holosteum Umbellatum.
Holosteum Umbellatum of the Caryophyllacae family is a small annual that produces small white flowers.