The owner

It is a pleasure to introduce you to the fruit of our passionate commitment to Château La Marzelle.

I am strongly convinced that there is nothing nobler than cultivating wine. Furthermore, there is nothing more fulfilling than achieving one's lifelong dream: to produce an exceptional wine from Saint-Emilion, one of the world's best terroirs.

Since purchasing Château La Marzelle in 1998, my husband and I, accompanied by our team, have pushed ourselves to our limits in order to breathe new life back into the vineyards at our beautiful domaine. Convinced of our philosophy that "only healthy grapes can produce an exceptional wine", we have therefore adopted an organic approach to cultivation which excludes pesticides and chemical weedkillers. We have been certified ISO 14001 thanks to our environmental management system.

Vinification and ageing methods are also subject to very strict regulations which require us to be analytical, responsive and rigorous in order to achieve outstanding results.

Every year presents us with new situations which require a high level of flexibility. We approach this challenge with a great deal of patience and love in order to continue to take the domaine to a higher level. My only objective is to produce an exceptional wine.

I am committed to the domaine and its development and am proud to present the fruit of our impassioned work. We produce a great, full, well-balanced, elegant wine with a smooth finish and outstanding ageing potential, worthy of the best Grands Crus Classés of Saint-Emilion.

Here's to your health!
Jacqueline Sioen