Authentication certificate

tesa VeoMark technology

The tesa VeoMark® is an advanced system for combatting counterfeiting and ensuring effective traceability of products.

It guarantees greater security due to clear, unique authentication of each bottle using visible and concealed identification features.

How to use it

1. Where to find the tesa VeoMark

The tesa VeoMark is a self-adhesive, polymer label. It can be found on the secondary label or on the bottle itself.

2. Each product is different

The tesa VeoMark is unique to each bottle. The security code must always be different on each bottle.

3. Scan with your smartphone

Scan code 2D (QR code or DataMatrix) with your smartphone’s reader which is freely available as a download.

Or enter the URL on the seal directly into your web browser (

4. Enter

Check the ID code and enter the four digits on the tesa VeoMark. Enter the verification captcha visible in the image.

5. Compare

Compare the tesa VeoMark on the bottle with the one that appears on your smartphone screen. The two must be completely identical. In the event of non-compliance, you can contact the château or the domaine.