The secrets of Saint-Émilion

The fruits of our passion

Every year, nature reminds us that we must remain humble and adapt.
It is with a great deal of patience and love that we rise to its challenges.

For us, the winemaking and ageing of a great wine are governed by our ability to analyse, our responsiveness and our rigour, but our sensitivity and our creative work are the hallmarks of the excellence of La Marzelle.

We are enthusiastic and proud to present you the fruit of our passionate labour: a great wine, full-bodied, balanced and elegant, one of the finest Grands Crus Classés in Saint‑Émilion.

History of La Marzelle

In the 18th century, the estate of La Marzelle belonged to the Largeteau family. It was owned by the Religious of Faises, lords of very extensive fiefs and whose old abbey can be found not far from here, at Artigues de Lussac. In 1821, the name La Marzelle appeared on the Belleyme map.


It was in 1998 that Jacqueline and Jean-Jacques Sioen fell under the spell of La Marzelle. Belgian industrialists, they put their passion and know-how at the service of the estate.


Château La Marzelle, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé, extends over 17 hectares on a very special and very restricted terroir, the Haute Terrasse de Saint-Emilion.
The Upper Terrace of Saint-Emilion was formed in the Lower Pleistocene 2.5 million years ago on the former bed of the River Isle.


From 1998 onwards, the Sioen family set about transforming the estate, carrying out major work on the buildings, renewing the equipment and restructuring the quality of the vineyard, in line with its conversion to organic viticulture.


Since the purchase of Château La Marzelle in 1998, the Sioen family, together with the team in place, have gone to great lengths to bring the vineyards of our splendid estate back to life.