A big dream for a spectacular renaissance

It was in 1998 that Jacqueline and Jean-Jacques Sioen fell under the spell of La Marzelle. Belgian industrialists, they put their passion and know-how at the service of the estate. Since the purchase of Château La Marzelle, and with the philosophy that "only healthy grapes are the basis of a great wine", the Sioen family have gone to great lengths to revive the vineyards of their splendid estate.

Today, the third generation, grandson Jean-Charles Joris, is writing the next chapter in the history of Château La Marzelle.

1998, the start of a new era for Château La Marzelle

The Sioen family's acquisition of the thirteen hectares of La Marzelle Grand Cru Classé in 1998 marked the beginning of a new era for the château. Since the purchase of Château La Marzelle in 1998, Mrs and Mr Sioen, together with the team in place, have gone to great lengths to revive the vineyards of their splendid estate.

In 2003, the Sioen family extended the estate by a further four hectares, bringing its total surface area to seventeen hectares.

Jacqueline and Jean-Jacques Sioen are deeply convinced that there is nothing more noble than the cultivation of vines, and they have made important investments.

They began by restructuring the vineyard, increasing the density, and from 2008 onwards, La Marzelle began growing organically. In 2015, biodynamic viticulture was added to this virtuous commitment, and AB certification was obtained for the 2020 vintage.

A new winery was built in 2012, with the aim of working each plot individually to achieve greater precision. Up until 2014, major works transformed the face of the estate: restoration of the house, creation of a 100m2 reception room overlooking the vineyard, refurbishment of the wine-making cellar with new temperature-controlled stainless steel vats, a completely redesigned grape harvest reception chain, and so on.

With a great deal of patience and love, they have taken on the challenges of constantly raising the estate to a higher level. Their sole objective was to produce a wine of excellence.

There's nothing more satisfying than realising a lifelong dream: producing a great wine in Saint-Emilion, one of the finest terroirs in the world
Jacqueline Sioen

2020, the new generation writes the next chapter in the story

After the death of Madame Sioen in 2020, Château La Marzelle passed into the hands of her 3 daughters Michèle, Pascale and Danielle Sioen. They passed the torch to Jean-Charles Joris, representative of the 3rd generation.

He is now writing the next chapter in the history of Château La Marzelle. He is building on the success of the estate's organic viticultural practices and wants to assert the 'La Marzelle' style. The new identity expresses a refined, aesthetic, sober, minimalist and modern image.