Expert work, from vine to cellar

From 1998 onwards, the Sioen family set about transforming the estate, carrying out major work on the buildings, renewing the equipment and restructuring the quality of the vineyard, in line with its conversion to organic viticulture.

XXth century, the renaissance of our estate

Since the arrival of the Sioen family, major investments have been made.

The first priority was to restructure the vineyard.

In 1999, a year after the purchase of Château La Marzelle, the barrel cellar was doubled, enabling us to mature two vintages in barrels: one cellar on the ground floor will be used for the odd-numbered years and the other upstairs for the even-numbered years. As a result, one vintage will not crowd out the other, and will be able to mature for 18 months or more if necessary.

XXIst century, the progress of a great dream

In 2000, work on the house began in earnest and the estate was reborn. The old, buried stone wash-house was given a new look.

In 2003, a winery was built for the 4 hectares purchased from our neighbour, bringing the total surface area of La Marzelle to 17 hectares. 4 wooden vats were installed, equipped with heat exchangers to ensure temperature control during fermentation.

In 2004 and 2005, the offices were refurbished. A reception room of over 100m2 was built.

In 2008, we put our environmental convictions into practice and began our first trials using organic methods.

In 2012, the winery underwent a complete overhaul. New double-walled, truncated cone-shaped, temperature-controlled 80 and 100hl stainless steel vats were installed, giving us excellent control over the vinification process. A 100% natural, temperature-controlled, lightweight cement vat completes the equipment. Twenty 500-litre barrels are added each year.

In 2013 and 2014, the harvest reception line was completely redesigned.

In 2015, building on our 8 years of experience with the organic method, we affirmed our beliefs by adapting our growing methods to the precepts of Biodynamics.

In 2017, we were at the start of our conversion to Organic Farming, and we will be certified from 2020. We also obtained the High Environmental Value level 3 (HVE3) standard in 2017.

New generation, new identity

In 2020, Jean-Charles Joris took over from his grandparents, building on the technical base that had already been achieved and focusing on the reputation of La Marzelle, he wanted to assert the "La Marzelle" style.

The new identity, in keeping with its "Less is More" style, Château La Marzelle is asserting its new visual identity through an aesthetic, sober, minimalist and modern monogram. This new emblem combines the initials of the château and the locality MARZELLE around the letters M, A, Z in a single acronym. A simple, high-impact signature and identification element, the MAZ monogram will provide the estate with a means of visual identification for all its customers and partners on all its communication media.

In 2021, the continuity of the new identity has been fully extended, and not only the buildings but also the new labels and packaging have been adorned with the new monogram.