The team

The people behind the renowned grand cru classé

Since the purchase of Château La Marzelle in 1998, the Sioen family and the team in place have gone to great lengths to revive the vineyards of our splendid estate.

With dedication and passion, the entire team at Château La Marzelle contributes its expertise and know-how on a daily basis to take the Grand Cru Classé to the next level.

Jean-Charles Joris

General Manager - Jean-Charles, grandson of Mrs and Mr Sioen, has been writing the next chapter in the history of Château La Marzelle since 2020. He is building on the success of the estate's organic viticultural practices and wants to affirm the "La Marzelle" style.

Sébastien Desmoulin

Technical Director - Sébastien has been Technical Director of Château La Marzelle for 8 years. He continues to raise La Marzelle to the highest level by constantly improving the small details that make this wine a Saint-Emilion Jewel.

Bart De Winne

Sales Director - Bart has been travelling the world to promote La Marzelle internationally for 19 years. His knowledge of wines and his attachment to La Marzelle make him the most French of Belgians.

Sandrine Bouetz

Executive Secretary - Sandrine has been in charge of Château La Marzelle's administration for 19 years. She is the voice of La Marzelle.

Manon Vergalle

Marketing and hospitality Manager - Manon joined the team in 2021 and is responsible for all marketing, communications, social networking and visits to the château.

Stéphanie Goguet

Team Leader - Stéphanie has been managing seasonal workers for 18 years. She is also part of the cellar team during the harvest and vinification.

Michel Terjoux

Tractorist - In 2018 Michel joined the adventure of La Marzelle. He works the soil and applies organic and biodynamic methods.

Stéphane Meunier

Agriculture employee - Stéphane has been working at La Marzelle for 22 years. He looks after all the biodynamic preparations, earning him the nickname 'Panoramix'. He's also our 'Passe-partout', as he does the general maintenance of the estate.

Arnaud Merit

Cellar master - Arnaud joined the team in 2023. For Arnaud, each vintage is a new-born baby to be nurtured, accompanied and shaped with humility and patience.