Organic culture

Here, the vinyard is cultivated like a garden

Our efforts in organic viticulture are clearly bearing fruit: over the last ten years, rare treasures of nature have emerged and a rich biodiversity is developing on the estate. All the work is carried out with the aim of intervening wisely, following the observation of each plot and in line with the lunar calendar.

The culture of the vineyard

Pruning, leaf thinning and green harvesting ensure that the grapes reach optimum ripeness, while regulating the production of the vines.
The harvest date is carefully chosen to bring perfectly ripe grapes to the cellar.

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Harvesting, vinification and maturation

An innovative winemaking process has been put in place to allow the most authentic expression of La Marzelle wines.

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Biodiversity, our identity

For us, biodiversity is a verb. It is the basis of our entire philosophy and our environmental commitments.

A number of projects have been set up to encourage biodiversity at Château La Marzelle outside the vineyard.

Organic Agriculture (AB)

In 2008, we began our first trials using organic methods. With great passion and care, we have since cultivated, nurtured and taken our vineyards to the next level.
For example, the acidity of the wine has dropped by 10%, from a pH of 4 to a pH of 3.6 per litre. The colour of the wine has also changed slightly.
However, the most important thing is that the wine tastes fruitier and fresher, and that's the main thing.

This constant concern to preserve and restore the ecosystem was formalised in 2020 with organic certification.

The precepts of biodynamic agriculture

On the strength of our 8 years' experience with the organic method, Château La Marzelle is asserting its beliefs by adapting its growing methods to the precepts of Biodynamics. The use of cow manure to nourish the subsoil and the estate's rich biodiversity are just a few examples of our commitment.

Our environmental certifications

  • AB Certificate: Organic Farming Ecorcert FR-BIO-01

  • HVE 3: High Environmental Value Certification Level 3

  • Zero Pesticide: Label Vins et Santé 0% pesticide

  • EMS: Environmental Management System