Prieuré La Marzelle 2011

Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

An excellent year for La Marzelle. A very consistent vintage.

In keeping with our respectful approach to the environment, these positive climatic conditions allowed us to use exclusively organic products on the vineyard this year. Summer was more difficult. The conditions in September were excellent. A round and fleshy wine with good acidity which will ensure a remarkable potential for bottle age.





  • Vineyard 4 hectares/one holding
  • Grape varieties 92% Merlot - 8% Cabernet sauvignon
  • Density 5 600 plants/ha
  • Average age 47 years
  • Production 18 000 bottles
  • Situation High terrace of Saint-Emilion formed by Isle river bed
  • Soil Ancient sands, Deep gravel, Blue clay
  • Pruning Bordelaise (2 frank canes)
  • Alcohol 13%