Prieuré La Marzelle 2008

Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

Intense, vivid colour showing early signs of evolution. Powerful nose offering ripe fruits and blackcurrant. Pleasant, fresh and fruity attack dominated by blackcurrant. Good structure
Firm tannins on the finish. Lingering fruity notes.

The climatic conditions were unsettled at La Marzelle this year due to two hailstorms on 31 May and 28 July. Late harvests between 24 September and 14 October.
For the first time we carried out successive selections during the harvest.


  • Vineyard 4 hectares/one holding
  • Grape varieties 92% Merlot - 8% Cabernet sauvignon
  • Density 5 600 plants/ha
  • Average age 44 years
  • Production 13 500 bottles
  • Situation High terrace of Saint-Emilion formed by Isle river bed
  • Soil Ancient sands, Deep gravel, Blue clay
  • Pruning Bordelaise (2 frank canes)
  • Alcohol 13%