2019 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

“Un millésime de savoir-faire et de bon sens paysan et une année marquée par des séquences climatiques contrastées”

The origin

16.28 ha of adjoining land
Grape varieties
73% Merlot - 20% Cabernet Franc - 7% Cabernet sauvignon
5 700 à 7 150 plants/ha
Âge moyen
31 years
13 000 bottles
Upper terrace of Saint-Emilion formbed by the former Isle riverbed
Bordelaise method (2 canes per vine)

A vintage of know-how and common sense of the farmer and a year that was marked by contrasting climatic episodes.

The winter was mild with above average temperatures, favoring an early bud burst.
At the beginning of June, the weather was relatively cool and wet, bringing with it a long and difficult flowering with consequential shatter and millerandage.

The teams at Chateau La Marzelle would, painstakingly, stop in front of every vine-plant in order to select only the most qualitative bunches and berries. In the summer, there were heatwave conditions from July until September. Our herbal infusions and plantbased decoctions permitted the vines to thrive remarkably under these particular circumstances. The ripening of the grapes took place slowly.The harvest commenced on the 24th of September and ended on the 7th of October, 2019.

Our state-of-the-art harvest reception system permitted us to undertake not only a parcel selection, but a berry-by-berry selection. To vinify we used our stainless-steel vatting cellar that was completely renovated in 2012 and is perfectly temperature controlled.

The wine is aged in 225L and 500L new French oak barrels.

The vintages of

2022 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

2022, a warm, dry and excellent vintage, which supports the climate evolution.

2020 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

The first AB-certified vintage

2016 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

A late millésime favored by an exceptional summer and late season

2015 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

Our real premiere in Biodynamics

2014 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

A new harvest reception area allowed for a better selection of grape berries that imparted upon the wine an incomparable precision and purity

2012 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

The wine is fruity, creamy and full-bodied, with very good tannins

2011 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

A very round, fleshy wine with excellent acidity that will carry it well into the future

2010 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

A very round, fleshy wine with excellent acidity that will carry it well into the future

2009 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

Excellent climatic conditions this year, similar to those of 2005

2008 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

Powerful nose of ripe fruit and cassis, with a very fruity, fresh attack

2007 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

The colour is very deep, almost black with lovely purplish highlights

2006 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

Deep colour, powerful nose with notes of garrigue and fruit in brandy

2004 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

The colour is bright with pretty raspberry highlights. This delicate wine is a pleasure to drink

2003 Château Prieuré La Marzelle

Ruby red with a roasted, peppery, vanilla nose. Supple with well blended tannins