Prieuré La Marzelle 2007

Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

A 13 lunation year, unsettled. The month of April was hot and sunny, another sign of a good year, but the four months that followed were unfortunately cold and humid. Fortunately, early September saw a period of high pressure which saved the vintage.
The prophylactic measures implemented several years ago have proved very rewarding. Leaf stripping enables the fruit-bearing part of the vine to dry quickly after rainfall, whilst severe green harvests prevent the fruit from overcrowding and rot developing.

The 2007 vintage at La Marzelle turned out to be a great success. Intense, almost black in colour with attractive purple reflections.


  • Vineyard 4 hectares/one holding
  • Grape varieties 92% Merlot - 8% Cabernet sauvignon
  • Density 5 600 plants/ha
  • Average age 43 years
  • Production 23 200 bottles
  • Situation High terrace of Saint-Emilion formed by Isle river bed
  • Soil Ancient sands, Deep gravel, Blue clay
  • Pruning Bordelaise (2 frank canes)
  • Alcohol 13%